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I am Dee Zimmer, I live at Port Stephens on the mid north coast of NSW. I am a registered breeder (Lovelite Frenchies) with Dogs NSW and MDBA.



Ive had a passion for this most adorable, funny, cheeky, loyal and loving breed since seeing my first Frenchie at a show a few years back. I have been amazed at the antics of this breed, their reputation as class clown is well deserved. If you want a loyal friend to brighten your day with laughter then a Frenchie is for you.


My first frenchie 'Daizy' is the funniest, bravest, smartest and most mischievous girl I have ever lived with. I couldn't ask for a better foundation bitch for my Frenchie journey.



Please visit the 'French Bulldog' Compatibility' page to see if a Frenchie is suitable for you, this breed has a few health concerns and can not tolerate hot weather or excessive exercise. They can be trained but patience and repetition is needed to get a good result.

Frenchies are extremely social and need be part of the family with daily interaction and love. 





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